The company has been formed by an excellent team that offers best-in-class customer service and brings a mature and seasoned range of experience on conventional and XML-first typesetting for books and journals, from simple monographs to highly complex reference titles and 4-color highly illustrated titles. Equipped with highly experienced staff, customized tools and best practices, we perform a range of processes to provide a customer experience like no other.


New Best-set supplies a comprehensive range of services for publishing and printing, in particular scientific, technical, medical, and academic journals and books. We are adept at tagging texts in XML. It is our commitment to implement digital workflows for both conventional and online publishing. In addition, we can output prepress work in various formats to suit the requirements of both traditional offset printing and digital printing.

Our Superiority

When it comes to customer experience, bigger is not always better!
The “Boutique Experience” is what we deliver.

  • 。Highly specialized and high-quality services
  • 。Simple and independence
  • 。Personal attention
  • 。Flexibility and efficiency
  • 。Technology-oriented
  • 。Accountability